Chinese GB simplified encoding

Many of the words in the following passage from Chao's Mandarin Primer (which uses GR throughout) have been converted to Pinyin and GB-coded characters, and are in bold magenta typeface. See if you can jot down the GR spelling of these words on a piece of paper—or just spell them out loud to yourself. You can then check your answers by holding the mouse cursor over the Pinyin/characters to see the correct GR spelling (this may not work in Netscape 4). Alternatively you can see the whole passage in GR.

Hai3shang Jiu4 3/4 ren

Jea: Wai1 ι! Nii.men kuai4 dianr lai kan4 , you3 jia4 feiji diao4xialai le! Feiji chu- shi4 le!

Yii: Nar3 Ĩ ne?

Jea: Nei4bianr DZߨ ! Kan4jian le ma? Fa1dong4ji1 zhao2huo3 Ż le, nii qiao2 ! Feiji li de ren bu zhi1dao4 ֪ tao2 .chulaile meiyou û ...

Yii: Nii Kan4jian de dao4di3 sh zen3me yangr4 de yi ge һ dong1xi lai2zhe ? Sh fang de, sh yuan2 Բ de? You3 duo2 da4 ? Sh shen2me ʲ yan2se ɫ de?

Jea: Yin1wei4 Ϊ li2 zher4 tai4 yuan3 ̫Զ le, suo3yi3 woo yee fen.bu-chu sh hong2 l4 huang2 qing1 lan2 zi3 , hai2shi shen2me ʲ yan2se ɫ .lai le.
Adapted from YR Chao Mandarin Primer (1948), Chapter 12
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