Here are some examples of the complete process of writing syllables in GR:

Character & Pinyin GR
Spell Modify Tidy up
上 shang4 shang shanq -
海 hai3 hai hae -
危 wei1 uei - -
险 xian3 shian shean -
急 ji2 ji jy ? jyi
直 zhi2 jy jyr -
图 tu2 tu tw twu
网 wang3 uang oang woang
软 ruan3 ruan roan -
准 zhun3 juen joen -
越 yue4 iue iueh yueh
来 lai2 lai - -
拉 la1 la lha -

In practice you will find that you soon modify and tidy up simultaneously.

You are now ready to try your hand at writing GR yourself.

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