Unicode keyboard remapping

Is it possible to type Unicode Persian in Windows 95/98/Me with a standard English-language keyboard? Surprisingly enough it is, thanks to Janko Stamenović's excellent Keyboard Generator. Once you've installed the Persian keyboard you can use it to type in a simple text editor such as Notepad, save the Unicode text as an HTML (.htm) file and display it in Internet Explorer.

This will allow you to create or edit Persian web pages or, if you prefer, paste Persian text into a search engine for Web searches. You could also compose messages in Persian and send them in HTML format as e-mail attachments. This keyboard arrangement can also in principle be used for typing Arabic.

For a more powerful way of typing Persian directly right-to-left, we recommend PerScribe or PerScript. Using either of these programs you can see the Persian text as you type it. Another option would be to use the modified Autocorrect approach in Word.

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Last revised October 2001

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