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RusScript (Russian JavaScript) is a system for typing Russian with a Latin-script keyboard using current versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla and Netscape (unfortunately, for technical reasons it will not work with Netscape 4).

Major update including streamlined participles: easy input of complicated forms such as занимающимися (just type zanimaHYY).

RusScript is much more than just a simple keyboarding tool: it incorporates the key fundamental features of the Russian language itself to make typing easier, faster and error-free.

Major RusScript features include:

  • a "feel" for the language: RusScript was developed by a team including fluent speakers of Russian.

  • intuitive phonetic input: all Russian letters typed with alphabetical keys

  • "smart" input: correct Russian spelling determined from the context

  • speed-typing shortcuts (abbreviations for common words and endings)

  • double letters for common combinations (eg aa for -ая, uu for -ую)

      [If you cannot see the Russian letters correctly displayed, possibly because you are using a cached version of the page, please refresh this page]

  • alternative (traditional) spellings: eg x or kh for х and j or zh for ж

      Experiment with RusScript's easy spelling by typing in the box:
      sleduuwwyy denn = следующий день       sleduuwwG dnya/dnq = следующего дня

      To run this demonstration you must enable JavaScript in your browser. [How to enable JavaScript (opens a new window)]

      Try this: hold your mouse cursor over any of these words to see how you would type them with RusScript: с которыми, собирался, ведущий, находившийся, занимающего, жизнь, маленький, знаешь

  • sending Russian e-mails
    When you are happy with your Russian text you can paste it directly into an e-mail program such as Outlook Express.

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