GR/Pinyin spelling table

This table gives some examples of these important differences between PY and GR. We use the term False friends to describe spellings that tend to mislead beginners because they represent different sounds in the two systems. Disguised friends are GR spellings that do not occur in PY. The forms in the table are Tone 1 basic forms unless otherwise stated.

False friends Disguised friends
GR Pinyin GR Pinyin GR Pinyin
Shi Xi Shy Shi Jy Zhi
Chi Qi Chy Chi Chiu Qu
Liu Lü2 [u-umlaut] Liou Liu2 Shiu Xu
Jiu Ju Jiou Jiu Juen Zhun
Ju Zhu Tau Tao Deal Dianr3
Juan Zhuan Jiuan Juan Erl/Eel/Ell Er234

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