Reading Greek ASCII

As a service to Greek speakers who may not have the necessary Greek fonts installed on their computers, HRI and other organizations regularly convert Greek text such as newspaper reports to what is known as Greek ASCII—or sometimes ASCII Greek, or even Greeklish—that is, Greek written in Latin characters.

The resulting text, although perfectly logical and consistent, takes some getting used to (the mysterious "Kwsta Shmith", for example, turns out to be the prime minister Costa Simiti). The following table lists the letters most likely to cause confusion:

ASCII Greek Example Meaning Mnemonic
C Psi Cari psari Psi resembles C with a line through it
H Eta Ellhnas Ellinas capital Eta
J Xi Eji Exi Jaguar XJ??
Q Theta Aqhna Athina both Theta & Q are O with extra line
W Omega wra ora lower case Omega resembles W
X Chi oxi okhi capital Chi = X
Y Upsilon dyo dio capital Upsilon = Y

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