GR to Pinyin conversion online

This JavaScript program will convert romanized Chinese from GR (Gwoyeu Romatzyh / Guóyǔ Luómǎzì ) to Pinyin transcription. Simply type or paste in your GR text, in the lower window, then click to see it converted to Pinyin in the upper window.

For example, type in Ta sh Beeijing ren. To convert this to Pinyin click on the appropriate button:

  • Tone marks (Tā shi Běijīng rén)
  • Syllable-final tone numbers (Ta1 shi Bei3jing1 ren2)
  • Annotate GR text with popup Pinyin equivalents (useful for learning GR—hover mouse cursor over any of these GR words: Ta sh Beeijing ren)

Run conversion

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Download GR conversion
(.zipped file: 13 KB) for use offline in your browser

Last revised November 2003