GR to Pinyin conversion

Online conversion of GR text to Pinyin (with either tone marks or syllable-final numbers—or with "tooltip" annotations)

    simultaneous conversion
    Generate Pinyin text by typing GR: as you type in the lower pane, your Pinyin text appears in the upper pane. When you have finished typing you can paste the Pinyin text straight into Word for further processing.

The original Word program (still available for download) converts romanized Chinese text in GR (Gwoyeu Romatzyh / Guo2yu3 Luo2ma3zi4) transliteration to Pinyin. There are two options:
  • indicate tones with syllable-final numbers (as above: more robust when sent by e-mail)
  • indicate tones with accents over the vowels (as near to standard Pinyin as ASCII symbols will allow: eg T xide shi Guy Lumz)

This VBA program was written for use in Word for Windows, and is contained in a self-extracting .exe file, which also includes instructions for its use. [Download now] (30K)

Last revised October 2001