EsperScript (Esperanto JavaScript) is a system for typing Esperanto with a US/European keyboard using current versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla and Netscape (unfortunately, for technical reasons it will not work with Netscape 4).

This Demo includes most of the features of the registered version, but is limited to short passages of a few lines. This will enable you to explore the program's power and ease of use.

Major EsperScript features include:

    a "feel" for the language:
    EsperScript was developed by a team including fluent speakers of Esperanto.

    intuitive input of Esperanto alphabet using keys that are easy to remember:
    for example ĉ is typed with the X key (next to C on the keyboard) , ŝ with W (above S) and ŭ with Y (next to U).

    speed-typing shortcuts (affixes and common words)
    The major affixes and many of the commonest words can be abbreviated to a single letter.

    Try this: hold your mouse cursor over any of these words or phrases to see how you would type them with EsperScript:
    voĉojn,   riĉaĵo,   amebla,    ameblajn
       maldekstra,   estas,    ruĝiĝis,   tranĉilo,   vortaroj

    EsperScript exploits the regularity of Esperanto inflections to save you the trouble of repeatedly typing -ajn ... -ojn and similar endings.

    For example, you can type bel har== instead of belaj haroj, or ni bon amik+++ instead of niajn bonajn amikojn.

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