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EsperScript (Esperanto JavaScript) is a system for typing Esperanto with a US/European keyboard using current versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla and Netscape (unfortunately, for technical reasons it will not work with Netscape 4).

EsperScript is much more than just a simple keyboarding tool: it incorporates the key fundamental features of the Esperanto language itself to make typing easier, faster and error-free.

Major EsperScript features include:

    a "feel" for the language:
    EsperScript was developed by a team including fluent speakers of Esperanto.

    intuitive input of Esperanto alphabet using keys that are easy to remember:
    for example ĉ is typed with the X key (next to C on the QWERTY keyboard), ŝ with W (above the S key) and ŭ with Y (next to U).

    speed-typing shortcuts (affixes and common words)
    The major affixes and many of the commonest words can be abbreviated to a single letter.

    Try this: hold your mouse cursor over any of these words or phrases to see how you would type them with EsperScript:
    voĉojn,   riĉaĵo,   amebla,    ameblajn
       maldekstra,   estas,    ruĝiĝis,   tranĉilo,   vortaroj

    EsperScript exploits the regularity of Esperanto inflections to save you the trouble of repeatedly typing -ajn ... -ojn and similar endings.

    For example, you can type bel har== instead of belaj haroj, or ni bon amik+++ instead of niajn bonajn amikojn.

    sending Esperanto e-mails
    When you are happy with your Esperanto text you can paste it directly into an e-mail program such as Outlook Express.

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