Phonetic key
Note that the accents have quite specific meanings in this transliteration: they bear little relation to the normal use of accents in the Greek script. The accents are used in the following way:

  • Acute accent: normal stress, as in thélei θέλει

  • Diaereses (umlauts) and grave accents: to indicate variant letters with the same pronunciation:

    Greek letter(s) Transliteration
    Unaccented Accented
    αι ë: etëría εταιρία è: pèzei παίζει
    η ï: ï állï η άλλη ì: ìtane ήτανε
    ω ö: thélö θέλω ò: edò εδώ

Other features of the phonetic scheme:
  • øi is used for the combination οι to indicate the pronunciation: eg øi álløi οι άλλοι

  • ğ is used for the "soft" pronunciation of γ : eg ğiatí γιατί

  • av, ev are used for αυ, ευ: eg avtós, evcharistò αυτός, ευχαριστώ
    The island Εύβοια is quite logically spelled Évvøia.