LogCruncher: easy logbook updating

Had enough of adding minutes, dividing by 60 and noting down the remainder? Yes, too much sexagesimal can leave you exhausted ... but help is at hand!

LogCruncher 3.1 now online This online JavaScript program will update your BGA-format logbook each time you complete a page (usually after 20 flights). LogCruncher produces the running totals to fill in at the bottom of the page, as well as the grand total to carry forward.

If you find the program useful, you are welcome to download the file and use it offline.

    LogCruncher is not designed to keep a permanent record of all your flights and their associated information. It's simply a tool to help you add up hours and minutes when you've completed a page of your logbook. All the flight times are lost once you start entering the data from a new page: the assumption is that by that time you will have manually updated the totals in your logbook.

LogCruncher 2.0 is still available in Excel format. Right-click to download (file size: 70 KB), and specify a folder on your hard disk in which to

Save Target As ... (default: logcruncher2.xls).

I would welcome any comments or suggestions for improvement.

Nigel Greenwood
Last revised: February 2004