Index to Cursive Chinese

FY Wang's excellent Introduction to Chinese Cursive Script is an invaluable aid in the lengthy process of learning to read cursive Chinese—the normal script used by Chinese in letters, menus, notes and most other informal contexts.

The book contains several indexes: principally a traditional one based on stroke-count and a novel one in which the characters are arranged according to "key elements" (Top Dot, Left Slanting, etc). Nevertheless it can be difficult to find a given character, even out of the severely limited corpus of 300, particularly if you've already guessed it from the context and merely wish to confirm your hunch.

To overcome this difficulty we have prepared page-number indexes of the 300 characters, including the "characters easily confused" listed by Wang. The indexes are in the form of Word .doc files in both GR and Pinyin alphabetical order. There are both full lists and handy single-page reference sheets.

Download .zip file (53 KB).